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Frequently Asked Questions

The Visual Vault is an online repository of unpublished glamour images. The purpose of The Vault is to showcase and preview these glamour images to fans of the genre, and prospective publishers, editors, and the likes whom might be interested in utilizing the images for their projects.

The Vault contains unpublished images, essentially high quality proofs, which means that in their current form they are not meant to be used in a published fashion. The watermark helps to identify the images as such and protect them from misuse.

Yes all images on the site have the watermark on them to protect the exclusivity for potential buyers. However, select sets labelled "OPEN" have a less obstructive watermark for better viewing pleasure.

The focus of this site is about the glamour images as a whole; the photography, lighting, makeup, and posing, and not about the models in the images. There will be no names or association to the models in the images on this site, unless a model elects to have her information published with the images.

There are only implied glamour images in The Vault, no full nudity or sexually explicit images.

The Vault is typically updated monthly.